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I ordered some yeezy boost 350 v2 beluga and got them in the mail in a week! great condition and great shoe! will definitely use again

Is this app legit


Fake steals your money

They stole credit card Information from my friend and used it right after he purchased and ran his bill a few hundred more

No duh this app is fake

This app is fake as you can see all the good reviews are on July 5 and Apr 26 those are the only ones that post good reviews there just bots

Buyer Beware

SCAM!! Do not buy from this company. They will ask to you to send them pictures of your drivers license and credit card number for payment verification but will charge your card anyway before you send. On request of a refund, one person told me 100 working days to receive. Another person told me 60 days. Very unprofessional and terrible customer service. Buyer beware.

No Scam! 💯

I bought the Belugas and I'm extremely satisfied with my order, I had to reschedule delivery but everything worked out, packaging was great and even came with a free pair of RayBans! I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants yeezys for a low price. Very Reliable

Jus downlode te GOAT APE

Yee em aye GOAT APE hypstr, butt @ leest eets ligit dis ape wus bonkers und ligit nervr? >:) da GOAT APE wale bee ligit und eazi 2 bye snekrs!!!!! Eye rally dige et........ XD 10/10 wood smush 18+😳🍆🍑👌🏻💦😜🤰🏼😫👶🏿💯

Fake shoes

The shoes are fake dh gate has the same shoe for cheap.


They stole my credit card information


I did the research and the yeezys are fake. They say that it is 50% off, but they just take $20 fake yeezys and put them on the website for like $200 saying it is 50% off. It is a scam!!!!! DONT BUY


chinese fake. don't buy anything on this app.


Fake and scam app!!!

Don’t replica.

I don't understand why people say it is fake. Come with receipt, at least I received is legit sneakers.

2017 popular adidas!

I don't believe this app at first,but this adidas yeezy boost 350 are really popular on our country.I am very satisfied with my shoes when i recived it!Nice ray-ban gift,fast delieved,legit and fit comfortable.Thanks!!!!!!

they are perfect

Thank you for the Oxford tan yeezys, they are perfect. But I do wish I would of received my ray bans as promised.

Everything looks great

Just came in fresh from the post office, I wanted to give y'all multiple angles to see what this shoe looks like from a real buyer. Everything looks great from front to back the shoe is smooth and color is on point. 100% authentic! This is coming from a sneaker head who has had someone working for Nike the past 9 years. I definitely recommend this app and its products. I will be making another purchase in the near future.


I received my shoes today and I like them thanks

So nice shoes!

Thank you i already have received my jordans if i order the flu game jordan when i am going to recive it

Real Deal

Was really skeptical about this website ordered a pair of shoes they came in 2weeks extremely happy with my purchase this site is not a fake this is the real deal

Excelent product, I Liked!!

I received my order thanks even though took long to get my tracking number and ship I will definitely be ordering again

100% legit

100% legit,original box with receipt and ray ban sunglasses gift. If you like it,you can pay it now! If you pay for it successfully,Within 72 hours must to recived tracking number that you can check it on where.Free shipping no tax all over the world.5-11 business days to come!If you didnt satisfied with our products,you can free return it to us and get your money back.we will never let you down!

Thank you for this app!

Shoes came in in about 2 weeks from the day I ordered. And I must say my expectations were exceeded! Definitely ordering again ! Thank you for this app!

100% love them

This is an awesome Pick up great shoe can be worn with a variety of cloths very comfortable.


These are VERY comfortable and react well to quick movements.

Very comfortable

I'm so happy with my new pair of jordan!

Great shoe

I really like the jordan shoes I got from you guys! I think it's a great shoe for me and I really enjoy wearing them!

I really love this shoe

These sneakers are great - my son loves them.

100% authentic

100% authentic, very satisfied with purchase

Real Deal

Great Product and legit ,excellence product


Got these shoes in a week and a half. Looks Great, feels great! Walked in them and everything, they're official. Also they came with the Ray Ban glasses Definetly will be ordering some more. The only bad thing is the package was damaged, overall A+


Hello. Today i have got my purchased item . It is incredible sneakers fits 100% my european size is 38 and it fits right to the size ... I suggest to buy

This app is very helpful.

This app is very helpful. It helps me save a lot of money ang still have my dream shoes.

Pleasre remove from app store!! SCAM

This app is a scam, the shoes a obviously fake and you probably wont even receive them after the charge you!!! Use GOAT!


I know everyone says it's a scam but when you look at the reviews that people put on the shoe,it looks legit.


If Somone is real and not a bot tell me if this app is fake or not before I buy somthing

Fake Jordans

Do NOT buy from here! These shoes are not real! First they say you will get in 7-10 days. It took 3 weeks! Shipping is not free! Got the Jordans and they are fake! I wanted a refund which their site says they give and all they offer is $10!! Scam!

Fake Shoes--SCAM!!!

The shoes are fake and they steal ur credit card info! I'm hoping this review will save people falling into their trap

Sooooo fake

This is fake lol

Scam, Credit Card Frauds, and Fake Shoes!

Do not download or buy. All reviews are fake and generated most likely by bots. The company steals credit card info and causes a lot of problems with your bank that is certainly not worth your time and money.


Are these yeezys fake because I have seen a lot of bad reviews on this app. If legit I would buy a pair of yeezy zebra v2.


Pls don't order the item was not real it's FAKE. I return my shoes until now they did't give me my refund. I will not stop until they return my 157 us dollar back. I returned the shoes 3/29/2017 they claimed they didn't recieve the item gurrrr.

Don't get it

All the shoes are fake I can even see it from the picture

Awesome service and price

Awesome service and price. Package arrived in a couple of days in a original box.

I really love this shoeThe Adidas

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 by Kanye West is an amazing shoe!

Very comfortable

these shoes are great fit good and are the real deal. i love them thank you

Excelent product, I Liked!!

I really love this shoe. It is probably the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn in my life.

100% love them

100% love them,highly request you buy from here.Wear size 8,fit great.

Get them no matter what

Shoes are genuine. In box and in perfect condition!


The best online shopping experience I ever had. Thank you so much.My overall rating is 100% satisfied.

Real Deal

Awesome!! Arrived on time and fit true to size!

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